ACTA International Conference 2012

ATESOL NSW hosted the 2012 ACTA International Conference and a pre-conference Pronunciation Symposium at Cairns Convention Centre in Far North Queensland from 2-5 July 2012.

Conference PowerPoints

Thanks to our presenters who have provided pdfs of their PowerPoint presentations from the conference. (All files are less than 1.8 MB in size unless indicated.)

Keynote Speakers

Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, Today's indigenous Education is a crime against humanity. MLE (Mother-tongue-based multilingual education) as an alternative? View 'Reborn', the Saami video that Tove showed at the end of her presentation, on Youtube.

Jane Simpson and Gillian Wigglesworth, Ecology, Equity and Ethics in Education in Aboriginal Australia (2.1 MB)

Robert Phillipson, TESOL expertise in the empire of English (plus reference list handout)

Featured Speakers

Brock Brady, ELT - Controlling Our Destiny Before Others Do

Tracey DerwingEthical Pronunciation Teaching: An Equitable and Ecological Approach

Concurrent Presentations

Willians Alcala Pabon, Teaching English to Refugees in Queensland: Helping 'Davids' to defeat 'Goliaths'

Ruth Arber, Confronting tourist teaching: Negotiating pedagogy and belonging in globally interconnected classrooms worldwide (11.8 MB)

Jenny Barnett and Robert Jackson, Towards professional standards for teaching EAL/D students in Australian schools: Developing classroom indicators

Katherine Brandon, Innovation, exploration, inspiration: The impact of a national action research program on ELICOS

David Bright, Native-speaking English teachers in Vietnam: Professional identities and discourses of colonialism

Pauline Bunce, 'Alphabet Headaches': The bi-literacy challenge for Chinese students

Dana Chahal and Olga Maxwell, Intonation in Medical Discourse: Combining Research and Training

Gillian Claridge, Extensive Reading is good for you: Why don't L2 learners of English do more of it? (handout 2 MB)

Jackie Coleman, The ESL teacher as productive pedagogical mentor

Glenys Collard, Patricia Königsberg, Coral Brockman and Kathrin Dixon, Tracks to Two-Way Learning (2.8 MB)

Graeme Couper, A student-centred approach to teaching word stress: Applying research findings to the classroom (5.7 MB) (plus handout)

Karen Dacy, Phonotactics: Putting sounds together to form syllables and words

Maria Doyle and Ebwa Mwakaea, TVET Reform in the Pacific: Combining teacher training with English language proficiency development (1.9 MB)

Hui Du, Understanding the context of College English teaching in China: A case study of three Chinese universities (2.8 MB)

Elizabeth Ellis, The plurilingual teacher: Moving beyond the native/non-native debate (8.8 MB)

Ross Forman, Meeting ESL teachers' pronunciation needs

Janet Freeman, Teaching English Language Learners in Mainstream Classes: Focus on Writing (10 MB)

Mei French, Language, Literacy and Identity in a Year 10 ESL Class

Sorina Grasso, 'L1 or no L1: that is the question.' How do we reconcile the ethical implications of this issue in the context of the adult ELICOS classroom?

Katherine Haratsis, Amanda Bourke and Margaret Finos, Successful Language Learners: Whole school focus on ESL (3.8 MB)

Deryn Hardie Boys, Preparation in Dili, immersion in New Zealand

Margaret Hogan, The Effects of Non-Native English Speaking EFL Teachers' Accents on their Willingness to Teach Pronunciation

Robert Jackson, Margaret Turnbull, Pamela Murphy and Sophia Sabatier, Introducing the Australian Curriculum EAL/D Teacher Resource (4.1 MB)

Theodora Lafkas, Ann Cheryl Armstrong and Nicole Brookes, Refugees and New Arrivals, Shining a Light in the Shadows (9.3 MB)

Paul Lochland, A Situated Pedagogy for Japanese EFL learners: Implications for Australian EAP contexts (1.9 MB)

Shem Macdonald, Expanding a view of the pronunciation of additional language speakers

Jenny Miller, Anne Keary and Joel Windle, Assessing the reading and writing of low literacy ESL students (8 MB)

Sue Ollerhead, Revisiting deficit discourse in the low-level adult ESL literacy classroom

Marina Pearce and Glenice Aiken, Integrating pronunciation and independent learning skills into oral communication outcomes (8.4 MB)

Meg Rosse and Ruth Leaming, A Reflective practice partnership in the field (1.1 MB) (plus abstract)

Sultan Sultan, Helen Borland and Bill Eckersley, English medium teaching in Indonesian public junior secondary school: Attitudes, language use and foreign language outcomes

Celia Thompson, Janne Morton and Neomy Storch, 'Reading and Remembering?' or 'Reading and interpreting?': A study of the use of sources by first year university students for whom English is an additional language (plus handout)

Jacquie Widin amd Keiko Yasukawa, Re-visioning Citizenship in the Language, Literacy and Numeracy Classroom

Meg Wielgosz, From the Margins to the Mainstream: ESL Students, Visual Art and Social Transitions

Naomi Wilks-SmithCollaboration for authentic communication: A model of effective TESOL pedagogy

Poster Sessions

Ali Alamir, The social presence of EFL students interacting with their peers and instructors on online discussion boards

Hazel Davidson, Money Problems: 'That number business' for refugees and others

Theodora Lafkas, Nicole Brookes and Ann Cheryl Armstrong, A Socio-Linguistic Cultural Approach to Working with Adult Learners (6.0 MB)

Kelly Quinn and John Howrey, A structured approach to balancing learning and learner independence through online materials

ACTA Colloquia panellists

Patricia Konigsberg, Bi-dialectal programs in WA schools

Vincent X. Wang, Codifying pragmatic features in Macau English

Conference website

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