ACTA International Conference 2018

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English language learning in a mobile world

The 2018 ACTA International Conference was held in Adelaide, South Australia from 2–5 October, 2018.

Hosted by SATESOL and ACTA

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Event Overview

Driving attention to the reality of local and global mobility for TESOL learners and educators, the aim of this conference was to contribute to the ongoing examination of the theories and practices underpinning the TESOL field, and project into future directions, whether as policy, pedagogy, materials design, assessment or community involvement.

In the context of increasing mobility through digital technology as well as global unrest and greater recognition of the need for improved outcomes for Indigenous students, the conference offered an opportunity for a re-examination of the profile of our English language learners and the implications for TESOL practice.

The six themes or strands were:

  1. English language learners in a mobile world
  2. English language learning and teaching for local and global participation
  3. Embracing digital technologies in English language learning and teaching
  4. Assessment from diverse stakeholder perspectives
  5. English as a medium of instruction (EMI)
  6. Professional standards and teacher identities in a mobile world

Through these themes, the breadth of mobility was explored, ranging from local and global relocations to communication and intercultural negotiation across borders. With this in mind, the conference was a space to critically examine ethical and practical challenges for TESOL.

We valued the presence and contribution of members of our affiliated state/territory assocations, and the wider TESOL community, to these important discussions.

We plan to post copies of the presenations slides, etc. here soon, so watch this space.

The 2018 ACTA Conference Committee


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