Australian Curriculum

The EAL/D Teacher Resource developed for the Australian Curriculum provides a range of materials for teachers of EAL/D learners. The resource includes an overview of EAL/D learning, an EAL/D learning progression, advice for teachers of EAL/D students, a glossary and references, along with EAL/D Learning Area Annotations for F-10 English, Maths Science and History and annotated EAL/D student work samples. The resource and additional materials are available on the ACARA website at

Read ACTA's submission to ACARA on the draft general capabilities for the Australian Curriculum. (8 August 2011)

Read ACTA's letter to ACARA regarding the Languages Shape Paper. (29 April 2011)

Read ACTA's submission to ACARA on the draft senior years English Curriculum. (5 August 2010)

Read ACTA's submission to ACARA on the draft K-10 Australian Curriculum in English, mathematics, science and history. (30 May 2010)

ACTA has attended National Curriculum forums in an advisory capacity to represent the interests of EAL and EAD learners around the country.

Read ACTA's position statement on the need for inclusivity of EAL/EAD students in the National Curriculum

Read ACTA's media release on the National Curriculum.

ACTA's position statement on the National Curriculum.

ACTA's 3-part paper on the National Curriculum.

ACTA's responses to the National Curriculum framing papers (February 28, 2009).





The vodcast of the Chair's opening address of the National Curriculum Board is now available at

Read the initial advice statement on the National Curriculum in English.


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