Literacy and EAL/D

Literacy & EAL/D - ACTA papers

Teaching EAL/D Learners in Australian Classrooms

an academic article co-written by ACTA Councillors Michèle de Courcy, Karen Dooley, Robert Jackson, Jenny Miller and Kathy Rushton, has been published by the Primary English Teaching Association Australia (PETAA). The article was contracted as a PETAA Paper and distributed to all PETAA members in March 2012. You can see a sample of the article and purchase a copy on the PETAA website at 

Discriminatory features for ESL Learners in the Literacy Benchmarks

Dr. Penny McKay, Press Release 20th February, 1998

Literacy goals fail ESL students

A prepared press release by Dr Penny McKay, President of ACTA

ACTA Background papers on Literacy

Includes 4 papers on ESL and Literacy -

The Literacy Benchmarks and ESL -Penny McKay

ESL Is it Migrant Literacy? Is it History? - Joseph Lo Bianco'

Literacy - meeting the needs of all learners - Dorothy Hoddinott

Discriminatory Features for ESL Learners in the Literacy Benchmarks -Penny McKay


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