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National Projects

  • National Foundation Skills Strategy Project The NFSS project 2014-2015 has four elements:

    The NFSS Elements are:

    1. Research to identify and qualify professional practice in foundation skills
    2. Foundation Skills Community of Practice
    3. Foundation Skills Workplace Champions Network Pilot
    4. Communication, e-newsletter and website.

  • ACSF Resources Australian Core Skills Framework assessment tasks for adult learners funded by DIISRTE
  • AMEP Research Centre Resources
    • AMEP Fact Sheets
    • Prospect Journal
    • Professional Development Resources
    • Reviews of Australian Resources
    • Teaching Resources
    • CSWE Resources

Archive Journal

  • Prospect: An Australian Journal of Teaching/Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) acted as a forum for those professionally involved in TESOL and applied linguistics. It reflected research and professional issues in TESOL and applied linguistics, including the adult and school sectors. It also explored the relationship between research, theory, practice and professional development.The journal ceased publication in 2009, but this link is to the archive of all issues.

Curriculum - Victorian Adult EAL Framework

  • The EAL Framework of adult EAL certificates is an accredited curriculum designed to be used to develop English language skills of adult learners of English as an additional language. It was developed in Victoria. It has 10 certificates across all levels beginner to advanced and in three streams: Access, Further Study & Employment. The full curriculum can be downloaded here: Victorian EAL Framework.

Teacher Networking

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