This page is reviewed regularly. It aims to brings together some of the key EAL/D resources for schools.


The  English as an Additional Language or Dialect: Teacher Resource (EAL/D) is available as several related publications:

Overview and EAL/D Learning Progression

comprises an overview of EAL/D learning, an EAL/D learning progression, advice for teachers of EAL/D students, a glossary, references and acknowledgments.

Learning Area Annotations: English, Mathematics, Science & History Foundation to Year 10

describe linguistic and cultural considerations implied by some curriculum content descriptions and suggest teaching strategies to better enable EAL/D students to access the learning described in the content descriptions.

EAL/D Student Work Learning Progression Foundation to Year 10

This comprises a range of annotated examples of student work that illustrate aspects of the EAL/D learning progression.

Teaching EAL/D Learners in Australian Classrooms

An academic article co-written by ACTA Councillors Michèle de Courcy, Karen Dooley, Robert Jackson, Jenny Miller and Kathy Rushton, published by the Primary English Teaching Association Australia (PETAA). The article was contracted as a PETAA Paper and published in March 2012. View an online version or to download a copy

AITSL Illustrations of Practice

EAL professional development resources. The  resources were developed by our ACTA Colleagues in SA and WA.

Differentiating language demands

Dictogloss for EAL/D students

Joint Planning for EALD Learners


EAL/D Reading Strategies

Student Engagement

Literacy Learning Plan

You can search other Illustrations of Practice using EAL/D as the keyword.

NSW EAL Resources - Schools EAL

Grammar Online: Levels of Delicacy
This course was developed in order to support teachers in both learning about grammar themselves and learning about teaching it. While developed initially for the NSW context, there are clear links to the Australian Curriculum and to wider English language-learning contexts. Links to other sites give teachers an opportunity to brush up on identifying simple language features, and well as more complex aspects.   The course is accredited with the NSW Institute of teachers.

Victorian EAL Resources - Schools EAL

EAL Companion to VELS
ESL Developmental Continuum - P-10

South Australian Resources - Schools EAL

Language and Literacy Levels across the Australian Curriculum: EALD Students - South Australia

EAL Assessment

Tools to Enhance Assessment Literacy (TEAL) for Teachers of English as an Additional Language Project


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