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TESOL in Context is the publication of the Australian Council for TESOL Associations (ACTA) for teachers, researchers and others interested in TESOL in Australia and internationally. Normally, two issues are produced each year.

The journal has moved online and following Vol 26, No. 1, hard copies are longer being produced. The move to open access is part of an initiative to make the journal more easily accessible by readers and members. The journal will continue to be peer reviewed and attract high quality articles from experts in the TESOL field.

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Recent issue: Volume 26 Number 1 (June 2017)

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Australian TESOL contexts; a state of flux

The factors influencing the multiple contexts of English language provision in Australia are complex, and this issue of TESOL in Context holds a lens to some of them.

In ESL in Australia - A chequered history, Oliver, Rochecouste and Nguyen review the historical phases of English language teaching in Australia, in the adult and school sectors. They trace the provision of English as a Second Language from postwar immigration, through multiculturalism, changes in education policy, and developments in the teaching of second or additional languages, to the current environment of national assessment regimes.

The focus of the second article, Language shades everything, is the youngest population of EAL learners in Australia. In an investigation of an Allied Health screening program conducted in three kindergartens in a socio-economically disadvantaged area of Melbourne, Keary and Kirkby used narrative inquiry methodology to investigate the understandings of Allied Health professionals, Early Childhood teachers and administrators in relation to children referred to in the Health sector as Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD).

Key concerns familiar to EAL specialists working in mainstream contexts are raised in our third article, Internationalising a school. Hattingh, Kettle & Brownlea offer a case study of a kindergarten to K12 faith-based school in an environment of  increasing internationalisation in Australian schools. In investigating teachers’ perspectives on the changing educational, cultural and linguistic profiles of their students, the authors discuss pedagogical and curricular responses implemented to meet the changing needs of students, and how teachers are managing the process, revealing and analysing their concerns.

Reviews in this issue include those for:  The Plurilingual TESOL teacher, by Elizabeth Ellis; as well as a website: English for Uni, is a site offering grammar explanations and practice with a focus on academic English, developed by Julia Miller and a team from a variety of Australian Universities as an OLT-funded project.

Journal Editorial Teams

TEAM 1:  Rod Neilsen, Ruth Arber and Michiko Weinmann

TEAM 2:  Anne Keary and Shem Macdonald

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Past issues of TESOL in Context

Previous issues of TESOL in Context contain many useful and insightful articles which are of interest to those in the TESOL profession.

All past issues are available via the Informit website. 

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