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TESOL in Context is the peer-reviewed publication of the Australian Council for TESOL Associations (ACTA) for teachers, researchers and others interested in TESOL within Australia and internationally. Normally two issues are produced each year.

The journal has moved online and following Vol 26, No. 1, hard copies are longer being produced. The move to open access is part of an initiative to make the journal more easily accessible by readers and members. The journal will continue to be peer reviewed and attract high quality articles from experts in the TESOL field.

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Recent issue: Volume 30, No 2 (2022)

Special Issue Interactional competence in the online space: Affordances, challenges and opportunities for TESOL practitioners

TESOL in Context Vol 30 No 2

Interactional competence (IC) is a concept gaining growing currency in language learning, teaching and assessment. First proposed by Kramsch (1986), IC focuses on developing second language (L2) speakers’ abilities to use language for functional purposes, ranging from “survival as a tourist or a student to negotiating treaties” (p. 366). The conceptualization of language competence as an ability for use differentiates IC from traditional understanding of proficiency, which consists of componential, de-contextualized ability indicators such as lexical range, grammatical soundness, and pronunciation. The ethos of IC emphasizes that language teaching education needs to focus on cultivating L2 speakers’ abilities to use their linguistic resources (e.g., vocabulary and grammar) to achieve meaningful social actions in real-world interactional contexts. This special issue comprises three research articles and three book reviews, each of which exemplifies the ways in which IC can be applied to face-to-face and online learning opportunities for L2 speakers. 

The editors of this special issue, Dr David Wei Dai, Dr Averil Grieve and Dr Sharon Yahalom would like to express a big thank-you to the reviewers, editorial board members and journal coordinator for contributing their time and expertise in the preparation of this issue.

In this issue:

  • Editorial: L2 interactional competence in the online space: Affordances, challenges, and opportunities for TESOL practitioners David Wei Dai; Averil Grieve, Sharon Yahalom

  • Requesting on WhatsApp: The interplay of interactional competence and deontics in English as an additional language
    Taiane Malabarba

  • Interactional practices to manage epistemic stances in online searches during a computer-mediated conversation-for-learning Ann Tai Choe, Hanh thi Nguyen, Cristiane Vicentini

  • Features of Online Second Language Interactional Competence in a German-Israeli Virtual Exchange
    Nils Drixler

Three books are reviewed in this issue:

  • Roever, C. (2022). Teaching and testing second language pragmatics and interaction: A practical guide. Routledge.
    Ann Tai Choe
  • Wong, J., & Waring, H.Z. (2021). Conversation analysis and second language pedagogy: A guide for ESL/EFL teachers. Routledge.
    Michael Davey
  • Salaberry, M. R., & Burch, A. R. (Eds.) (2021). Assessing speaking in context: Expanding the construct and its applications
    Leila Zohali

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GUEST EDITORIAL TEAM: Dr David Wei Dai, Dr Averil Grieve & Dr Sharon Yahalom

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Journal Editorial Teams

TEAM 1: Dr Sue Ollerhead, Dr Julie Choi and Dr Sasikala (Shashi) Nallaya

TEAM 2: Dr Averil Grieve, Dr Sharon Yahalom and David Wei Dai

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