Australian Council of TESOL Associations

Australian Council of TESOL Associations

2024 April- Response to VicTESOL’s Resignation from ACTA

The ACTA Council regretfully announces that on March 21, 2024, the President of VicTESOL notified the ACTA
Secretary of VicTESOL’s resignation from ACTA, effective immediately. No reasons were given.

Please note that ACTA’s membership consists of State and Territory TESOL associations. It is a national peak
Council and does not have direct individual members. The Council is formed by associations appointing their
Councillors based on their member numbers.

The ACTA Council believes that VicTESOL’s resignation from ACTA is particularly unfortunate at this time, given
the traction currently gained with federal Government authorities through ACTA’s advocacy and other work for
EAL/D teachers and their learners (First Nations, migrant and refugee-background in school and post-school

The ACTA Council has resolved to continue to work on behalf of EAL/D teachers and learners across Australia,
including in Victoria. Provision will be made for VicTESOL members to continue to contribute to our work if they
so desire. In regard to other ACTA activities (notably, the annual Penny McKay Award), VicTESOL members
should seek the ACTA President’s advice as to how they might remain eligible. Our journal TESOL in Context,
which is our largest budget item, will continue as an open access on-line publication.

The ACTA Council hopes that VicTESOL can resolve the problems that have led to the resignation of this
association as an ACTA member.

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