Australian Council of TESOL Associations

Australian Council of TESOL Associations

2024 January- Jobs and Skills Australia: Foundation Skills Study Update

Jobs and Skills Australia is leading the development of a new national study on adult literacy, numeracy and digital skills.

The Foundation Skills Study consists of four elements:

  • a survey of Australian adult literacy and numeracy skills
  • a feasibility study into how best to collect the literacy, numeracy and digital literacy skill levels of First Nations people
  • analysis of Commonwealth administrative and other data to gain insights into the skill levels for priority groups
  • defining digital literacy

In the latest Jobs and Skills Australia newsletter, you can read about 

  • the objectives of the survey of adult literacy and numeracy skills
  • how the survey will be conducted
  • the advisory groups that will help to shape its development
  • the timeline for the survey

Read the latest Job and Skills Australia newsletter here.

You can also find out about the Foundation Skills Study at the Jobs and Skills Australia web site. 

The Foundation Skills Study team welcomes your questions and comments. Their contact details are included in the newsletter.

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