Australian Council of TESOL Associations

Australian Council of TESOL Associations

2023 December- VET Workforce Blueprint Consultations

Through ACTA’s representation in the Foundation Skills Advisory Group set up in 2022 by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR), ACTA was nominated as a key stakeholder in a significant consultation on developing a VET Workforce Blueprint.

The Blueprint will recommend strategies and actions that will create stability and quality in the VET workforce.

The Adult ESOL Consultancy Group sponsored the participation of 20 AMEP, SEE Program and LLN teachers and managers across Australia in an on-line meeting that was held on 11 December. This meeting was chaired by a senior DEWR official. Click here to see the Facilitation slides that were used during the meeting.

If you have questions or any additional information you would like to provide to support this work, please contact the team at the department via . You can also keep up to date with what’s happening through the department’s websiteFollowing consultations, a draft Blueprint will be developed for the consideration of Skills Ministers in early 2024. 

    • To see membership of the Foundation Skills Advisory Group, click here.
    • To see details of the expanded access to the SEE Program, click here.
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